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Clone Service for Mac and Unix
Special for computer technician or who know how

  • How does it work?
    Send in your dead drive.
    We will clone (image, mirror) it bit by bit to the data backup hard drive*.
    We do not verify, check, and test the data.
    You do not need to pay the 50% more for the Mac and Unix OS.

  • Warranty:
    "as is" basis without any warranty or condition of any kind.
    The clone results will depend
    on the situations of your drive.
    You can send back to us for the further service if it does not work for you. We will credit you half what you paid for the clone service.

1.  Please indicate that you want the clone service at the Service Order Form.

2.  Please consider
prepayment to speed up, also shipping back the cloned drive FREE (value $20).
3.  Will charge extra for any other services, such as cleaning opened devices ...
         You will need to pay $70 for any opening hard drive(s) even if not successful. 
4.  You will need to pay $100 evaluation fee for early withdrawal if the data recovery has started.
5.  Plus 50% on total bill for device capacity bigger than 85GB.
6.  If you want your original faulty device(s) back, there is always extra $45 handling charge
         for both successful and unsuccessful. 
7.  2% interest & $10 storage fee per month will be added up for unpaid jobs.
8.  Data backup hard drive, which is bigger than or equal to the default one, 
         in good working condition without any data.

     (1) FREE of charge (preferred) if shipping it with the default one.
     (2) $20 for data transfer if shipping it after finishing the data recovery.

Data Recovery BC is not  responsible for damage caused
during shipment & recovery procedure

: about 88%


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