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Flat Rate Data Recovery Service
Inclusive cleanroom service and parts

  • Flat Rate:
    Class 1: 125
    Floppy disk
    Zip Disk, SuperDisk, JAZZ, SPARQ, SYJET cartridges, Magneto-optical disk.
    QIC tape (Ditto, DC2000, DC2120), Bernoulli cartridges
    Travan (TR-1, TR-3, TR-4, TR-5) tapes, up to 20GB
    Each corrupted file, up to 700MB
    unlock hard drive password
    USB flash drive and Digital Camera Memory Cards/Stick, up to 3GB

    Class 2:
    Hard drive (1.8", 2.5", and 3.5")
    , up to 135GB
    4mm (DDS & DDS-2 & DDS-3, DDS-4)
    8mm (112m & 160m)
    Travan (TR-7) tapes, up to 40GB
    PDA/Palm/Pocket PC/MP3/portable storage devices
    USB flash drive and Digital Camera Memory Cards/Stick, bigger than 3GB

    Class 3: $425
    Server, up to 135GB
    3-drive raid, each drive
    up to 135GB
    DLT ( III, IV, 1, Super), AIT, AIT-2, ADR, LTO Ultrium tapes, up to 220GB

  • Onsite Service: start from 1500 , plus 125  per hour AND trip expenses if out of town.
            (a) Usually take about 1 to 2 days.
            (b) Prepayment required.
            (c) You will need to pay 1500  for the onsite service AND trip expenses
                                    if not successful.
  • Rush jobs: plus 50% more on total bill, minimum 375.
            (a) Usually take 2 to 4 business days.
            (b) You will need to pay 50  for the Rush if not successful.
  • SuperRush jobs: plus 100% more on total bill, minimum 500.
            (a) Usually take about 1 to 2 days.
    weekend (Sat. Sun), holiday, and after-hours, 
                      although we do not open to public.
            (b) You will need to pay 100  for the SuperRush if not successful.

1.   Please consider prepayment to speed up, also with data CDs
or DVD (max. 2 CDs or 1 DVD)
          and shipping FREE ( value 250  ).
2.   C
harge extra for any other services, such as, installing programs,
          setting up recovered data, 2nd time recovery ...
3.   You will need to pay
35  for any opening hard drive(s) before sending to us,
          even if not successful. 

4.   You will need to pay 50
cancellation fee for  withdrawal or full amount if job has done.
5.   Plus 50% on total bill for device capacity bigger than 135GB, Plus 80% on total bill
          for device capacity bigger than
6.   Plus 50% on total bill for Mac OS, or Unix (inclusive Linux) OS, or SCSI hard drive.
          or you can choose our more economic
Clone Service for Mac and Unix OS.
7.   If you want your original faulty device(s) back, there is always extra 45
          handling charge for both successful and unsuccessful.
8.   2% interest & 10 storage fee per month will be added up for unpaid jobs.

9.   Please add
50 for each additional raid drive.
10. Destination Media for Recovered Data:

  • Ship one backup hard drive, which is bigger than or equal to the default one, 
    in good working condition without any data.
         (1) FREE of charge (preferred) if shipping it with the default one   
         (2) 10 for data transfer if shipping it after finishing the data recovery.
  • Or purchase one hard drive from us.
  • Or Burn into CDR (about 600MB each), 10 each.
  • Or Burn into DVD (about 4 GB each), 25 each.

Data Recovery BC is not  responsible for damage caused
during shipment & recovery procedure




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