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                                      DATA RECOVERY SERVICE ORDER

Company Name: _______________________________      First Name: ________________     Last Name: ________________  

ADDRESS: __________________________________   CITY: _______________      PROVINCE: _________        ZIP: _______

Tel: ____________________, ____________________     Email (print):__________________________________________

User Info (name/address/tel/email/password):________________________________________________________________

Media Type _________________________________   Serial Number ___________________  Computer Type _____________

All Partitions & Size             C:_____ D: _____E: _____ F:______      Device Drivers __________  Compression:  Yes __ No ___

Free space for each partitions_______________________________  Operating System______ Clone only (Mac / UNIX) ______

File System: FAT_   NTFS_   EFI/GUID_  NSS_   HPFS_   HFS (+)_    Ext2/3_   UFS _   XFS_  JFS_  ODS_   ReiserFS_ Others__

If raid: Mirrored__  Spanned__  Striped__   Raid Level_____ (Please include all drives in order with proper labels. See below Rate g)

If tape, drive maker & model____________      software & version_________________    (please include the software & drive)

Destination Media: CD__ ($20ea)     DVD__ ($50ea)     Customer Provided Hard Drive ($0)* ___     Others ________________

Circumstances of Failure________________________________________________________________________________


What recovery attempts have been made? _________________________________________________________________


List wanted files/folders and describe what kind of data:________________________________________________________


Service:    SuperRush** (plus 100% on total bill, about 1 to 2 days***) __  
Rush** (plus 50% on total bill, about 2 to 4 business days***) __  
Standard (taking about 4 - 7 business days***) __
High Success Standard (taking about 4 days to as long to recover the data, prepayment required.) __
a)  £350 (desktop) or £575 (Server / 3-drive Raid) for most situations. [Server includes: (1) acting as server; (2) running server software]   
       You will need to pay £70 cancellation fee for withdrawal or full amount if the job has done.
b)  Plus 50% on total bill for
device capacity bigger than 135GB, Plus 80% on total bill for device capacity bigger than 400GB.
)  Plus 50% on total bill for SCSI drive, or Mac OS, or Unix (inclusive Linux) OS
,  (option for our more economic Clone for Mac and Unix OS).
d) You will need to pay £135 for SuperRush, £70 for Rush jobs if unrecoverable
  You will need to pay £50 for any opened hard drive(s) before sending to us, even if unrecoverable

f)   If you want your original faulty device(s) back, there is always extra £100 handling charge for both successful and unsuccessful jobs.
g)  Please add £70 respectively for each additional raid drive, or if you cannot bring your raid box
, raid controller, tape drive, or tape program.

a) DataRecoveryBC is not responsible for damage caused†to the media device(s) during shipment and the recovery procedure. DataRecoveryBC 
is not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including loss of data, loss of revenue, incidental or consequential,†before, during or after service.†
b) DataRecoveryBC is not responsible for any items left more than 30 days after confirming results. DataRecoveryBC is not responsible for 
any recovered data after more than 7 days of being picked up or shipped out.
c) Payment is due in full upon completion of recovery, prior to release of data. 2% interest & $10 storage fee per month will be charged on overdue accounts. 
Service fee will be applied to partial data recovery. There is extra charge for any other services. No refund for paid service charges.
d) The client authorizes DataRecoveryBC, its employees, agents, to receive,†transport & service the media(s) in, to, from & between various facilities.

I have read, understood and agree to terms & conditions. I authorize DataRecoveryBC.COM to help me /my company to recover the data.

                        Approved By (Please Print): _____________________________________

                             Signature:    _________________________                Date:    _______________________ 

How did you hear about us?   ______________________________________________________________________________

* The backup drive must be bigger than or equal to the faulty one, in good working condition without any data.
    (1) FREE of charge (preferred) if shipping it with the faulty one, otherwise, (2) $20 for data transfer.
** Please send next day air directly to the Richmond Lab. and consider prepayment to speed up, also with data CDs or DVD ( max. 2 CDs or 1 DVD ) and shipping back recovered data FREE ( value $55 ).
*** For estimation only and it may take longer,
specially if you can not provide enough info.