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Maxtor N40P
Hard Drive Data Recovery

Models affected: DiamondMax Plus 8 ( 20GB-6E020L0, 30GB-6E030L0, 40GB-6E040L0), including all COMPAQ, IBM, HP, DELL installed Maxtor drives.

Cost: $500 (Flat rate for logic or physical problems).

Symptoms:  (one of  the following  symptoms)

  • The drive recognized as N40P by the BIOS after rebooting, despite the platters spinning normally.
  • Sudden failure of hard disk drive
  • Inaccessible, but still physically functioning (power and regular sounds)
  • Receiving a device not ready or similar error, while working.
  • Receiving an operating system unfound error, when switching on your computer.
  • Receiving a primary hard disk failure, or similar error, when switching on your computer.
  • "Click" noise.
  • No power, no sound.

What to do?  Please ship your drive(s) to us with the service order form.


  • We do not overcharge you if it is a logical problem. We do not make it unaffordable if it is the physical problems.

  • We are the hardware AND software engineers who know, at the first place, what problems are. If you send your drive to the wrong place and to the wrong person, it simply makes your data unrecoverable.

  • If your drive has the physical problems, but you send to a logical service company, it simply messes up the "manufacturer reserved Area" of hard drive. Or you will  hear "sorry, we can not do it as it is a physical problem".

  • If your drive has the logical problems, but you send to a physical service company, it makes your drive worse by keeping on changing the hardware parts. You will  hear "sorry, your data is unrecoverable because ..."

Stop to turn on/off
Stop to do-it-yourself trials with software or hardware
You will cause more damage rendering the drive unrecoverable.


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