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Virtual Operating System Recovery

Your business is our business!

DataRecoveryRaid.COM combines more than 20 years experience with our specialization in RAID recovery,  can handle any Virtual Machine Data Recovery needs your business has.

Data Recovers from All Virtual Systems

  • VMware Server (GSX) Data Recovery
  • VMware Infrastructure 2 & 3 Data Recovery
  • VMware vSphere 4 Data Recovery
  • VMware ESXi Data Recovery
  • VMware View Data Recovery
  • VMware Workstation Data Recovery
  • Citrix Virtual Server Data Recovery
  • Citrix Xen Desktop Data Recovery
  • Citrix Xen Server Data Recovery
  • Parallels Virtual Desktop Data Recovery
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Data Recovery
  • Sun Ray Server Data Recovery
  • Sun Secure Global Desktop Data Recovery
  • Oracle VM Data Recovery

Why VMwareŽ Data Loss?

  • Hardware Failure
  • RAID Failure, or corrupted
  • VMDK corruption
  • VMFS File system corruption on ESX server, XenServer
  • Deleted files on VMFS
  • Format and Re-install on VMFS volume
  • Deleted files inside a virtual machine

VMwareŽ Data Recovery is much more complex than Hard Drive Data Recovery.  Virtual Machines are a system within a system.  DataRecoveryRaid.COM has dedicated to VMware, Citrix,  MS Hyper-V, and Sun Virtual Data Recovery.

It is very important to pack your devices properly!


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